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U.S. official meets Saleh in Riyadh

John Brennan met Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the Saudi capital Riyadh, where Saleh had flown for medical treatment after the June 3 attack on his presidential compound.

Brennan, urged Saleh to sign a transition plan that will lead to Saleh’s departure.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said in a statement that Brennan wished Saleh a speedy recovery and reiterated U.S. condemnation of the attack against him.
“Mr. Brennan emphasized the importance of resolving the political crisis in Sanaa so that the Yemeni government and people can successfully confront the serious challenges they face, including the terrorist attacks carried out by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which have claimed the lives of hundreds of Yemeni citizens. The United States believes that a transition in Yemen should begin immediately so that the Yemeni people can realize their aspirations.” Carney said.

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