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US court to hear Arizona immigration law


A US appeals court in California said last Saturday that it will take up Arizona’s new immigration law in November after the most controversial provisions were stripped by a federal judge this week. Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer appealed on Thursday against Judge Susan Bolton’s decision. Arizona in its appeal said an expedited process was of “significant importance” because it was needed to address the state’s “right to implement a law its legislature enacted to address the irreparable harm Arizona is suffering as a result of unchecked unlawful immigration.”

Then the court reply, “United States agrees with the State of Arizona that its appeal…should be briefed and resolved quickly.” Gov. Brewer appealed the judge’s injunction Wednesday that stripped the most contentious sections from the legislation—allowing police to spot check the immigration status of all suspects. But Bolton ruled that those powers would place a burden on legal resident aliens living in Arizona, one in three of the 6.6 million people is foreign-born and an estimated 460,000 are illegal immigrants.


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