Presidential Mansion

The Mysterious White House Hole

A gaping hole located at the North Lawn of the White House, directly in front of the entrance to the West Wing and across from the Old Executive Office Building, have become a source of intrigues, if not acerbic jokes, thrown at the Obama presidency.

The dig in the area have begun more than a year ago and construction is still ongoing. According to the General Services Administration which has been supervising the work, the project is to upgrade the building’s antiquated utilities, including sewer lines, electrical systems and air-conditioning units.

While meatier details of the construction remain confidential, a report say that it is part of a $376 million project that will last for four years and progress across the North Lawn all the way to the East Wing. The West Wing portion alone is costing $86 million.

Meanwhile, people have different speculations regarding the mysterious hole. Some believe it’s an expansion of the the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, while others guess the construction is to add underground access from the White House to the Old Executive Office Building, or to the Treasury Building.

Funnier speculations include “It’s a burial site for the American dream;” “A tunnel to China!” and “They need to put the debt somewhere.”


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