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Posts Tagged ‘ US President ’

White House releases home brew recipes

white house beer

The White House has given in to an online petition requesting for the Presidential Mansion to release its coveted home brew recipes in the name of transparency. President Barack Obama, who introduced a home-brewing kit last year to the White House kitchen, has been talking about the White House brew for weeks but refused...
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Obama Says Most People Think The Stimulus Worked


27JS373KHR6K.In an interview with CBS’s Steve Kroft, President Barack Obama cast aside  the notion that most Americans do not believe that his stimulus bill worked. “Let me stop you there, Steve. First of all, there’s not a general perception that the stimulus didn’t work,” the president said during the tense interview.  He admitted, though,...
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Pres. Obama pulls all stops to push health care reform

pres. obama pulls all stops to push health care reform

US President Barack Obama is pushing for immediate legislative action on health care reform in the midst of his waning popularity. During Wednesday’s primetime news conference, the president passionately urged legislators to embrace his health care reform agenda which he has been endorsing since he started campaign for his presidential bid. Obama is keen...
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Donald Trump as President?


Trump did a round of TV interviews on Tuesday to talk about the possibility of making a presidential run in 2012. Asked by MSNBC when will he make his decision, Trump offered little. “Well, I’ll make it over a period of time,” he offered. “For the first time in my life, I’m actually thinking...
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