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Posts Tagged ‘ Barack Obama ’

Obama wins re-election; Romney concedes defeat

Obama Wins US Election

President Barack Obama won re-election after a tight race to the White House against Republican presidential bet Mitt Romney. Romney was leading ahead after the polls closed on Tuesday but Obama pulled ahead after Virginia was declared for Obama early Wednesday, giving the incumbent president 303 electoral votes against the challenger’s 200. Romney called...
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Obama gains lead over Romney


After their back-to-back nominating conventions, President Barack Obama increased his lead over Republican opponent Mitt Romney. This was according to the results of a CNN/ORC opinion poll on Monday which gave Obama a 6-point lead among likely voters, up from a tie before the Democratic convention. With just eight weeks remaining before the election,...
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The Other Presidential Wannabes

Obama - Romney

There are other candidates who are vying for a stint in the White House aside from President Obama who is running for re-election on the Democratic ticket and his Republican opponent Mitt Romney. Below are the fifteen other hopefuls from not-so-well-known parties who are also trying their luck to become the next American President...
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White House releases home brew recipes

white house beer

The White House has given in to an online petition requesting for the Presidential Mansion to release its coveted home brew recipes in the name of transparency. President Barack Obama, who introduced a home-brewing kit last year to the White House kitchen, has been talking about the White House brew for weeks but refused...
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Obama Says Most People Think The Stimulus Worked


27JS373KHR6K.In an interview with CBS’s Steve Kroft, President Barack Obama cast aside  the notion that most Americans do not believe that his stimulus bill worked. “Let me stop you there, Steve. First of all, there’s not a general perception that the stimulus didn’t work,” the president said during the tense interview.  He admitted, though,...
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Obama turns 50!

President Barack Obama turned his 50th birthday into a 2012 campaign fundraising bonanza. Obama made clear in remarks to a big audience at a music auditorium and in a video conference with supporters scattered across the country that he will now focus on trying to spur job growth now that the debt debate is...
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Wal-Mart joins Michelle Obama


  Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest grocer, says it will reformulate thousands of products to make them healthier and push its suppliers to do the same, joining first lady Michelle Obama’s effort to combat childhood obesity. The first lady accompanied Wal-Mart (WMT) executives Thursday as they announced the effort in Washington. The company plans to...
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Oscar nominees gather cash for Democrats!


From the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics have tabulated their second annual Money-in-Politics Oscars, based on the campaign donations made by this year’s major Academy Award nominees. It should come as no surprise that 99% of the political donations from the movie nominees went to Democrats. But do you know that best actress nominee...
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Pres. Obama pulls all stops to push health care reform

pres. obama pulls all stops to push health care reform

US President Barack Obama is pushing for immediate legislative action on health care reform in the midst of his waning popularity. During Wednesday’s primetime news conference, the president passionately urged legislators to embrace his health care reform agenda which he has been endorsing since he started campaign for his presidential bid. Obama is keen...
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