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Pres. Obama pulls all stops to push health care reform

US President Barack Obama is pushing for immediate legislative action on health care reform in the midst of his waning popularity. During Wednesday’s primetime news conference, the president passionately urged legislators to embrace his health care reform agenda which he has been endorsing since he started campaign for his presidential bid. Obama is keen on pushing for health care reform even in the wake of a USA Today/Gallup poll that found the American public disapproves his health care policy by 50 percent to 44 percent.


The USA Today/Gallup poll results also showed that Obama’s approval rating has dropped nine points to 55 percent while his disapproval rating jumped 16 points to 41 percent. Critics are pointing to Obama’s handling of the economy as one significant cause of the public’s increasing disapproval, with many Americans starting to become skeptical if the chief executive can really end the ongoing economic downturn and how soon. Health care reform has been one of the foundations of Obama’s campaign that catapulted him to the White House and helped him become the very first African-American president. He has been passionate in the campaign to provide affordable health insurance for all Americans but many are wondering where the government will get the funds when deficits are ever growing from efforts to battle the financial crisis. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a staunch Obama critic and a potential rival in years to come, vilifies the president’s health care agenda, saying it is bound to fail with Americans footing the bill in the end. The president’s counterstatement is that “health care reform is not going to add to the enormous deficit, it is designed to lower it.” The chief executive even said that economic recovery depends on healthcare overhaul and added that without a healthcare revamp, the costs of spending on government health programs for the poor and elderly, Medicare and Medicaid would explode the budget deficit even more.

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