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O’Donnell Threatens to Sue Radio Station


Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnells campaign threatened a radio station with a lawsuit if it posted video of an interview with the Tea Party favorite on the Internet. During the interview Tuesday on WDEL-AM, O’Donnell snapped her fingers and beckoned a spokesman to her side after the host of “The Rick Jensen Show” pressed her on how she would have handled the New Castle County budget differently from her Democratic opponent Chris Coons, who is the executive of the state’s largest county.

Jensen told The Associated Press that O’Donnell said after the interview that she would sue if the video was released. O’Donnell campaign manager Matt Moran then called WDEL general manager Michael Reath, demanding the station turn over the video and threatened to “crush” the station with a lawsuit if it did not comply, Reath said. After viewing the video, which the station provided to the campaign before posting it Tuesday night, O’Donnell’s campaign attorney called WDEL’s attorney and was very apologetic.


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