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Obama, Korea and a Chinese leader…

President Obama is urging China’s president to send North Korea a message that “its provocations are unacceptable.” Obama called Chinese President Hu Jintao on Sunday night to discuss North Korea, the White House says. The leaders talked about their common interest in peace and stability in Asia and the importance of keeping the Korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons.

Obama condemned North Korea’s pursuit of a uranium enrichment program as well as its shelling of a South Korean island last month. And he stressed the need for the U.S., China and Europe to work together to address Iran’s nuclear program. Hu said China is deeply concerned over the tensions and regrets the loss of lives and property in last month’s artillery exchange between North and South Korea. China is North Korea’s most important ally and has been pressured by the U.S. and others to use its influence to rein in Pyongyang following its shelling of a South Korean island.


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