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Obama Is the Same as Bush and Clinton


President Obama‘s recent stumblings over the Gulf oil disaster, efforts to influence Democratic races, and irritation in stopping domestic terrorism have even his friends thinking he’s no different than any other president. Obama, despite all the election hype and hope, is just another politician. And other Democrats say that Obama is getting a bad rap in the media. But pollsters suggest that Obama’s long stretch at 50%  public approval or less means that the thrill is gone.

First, most notably has been the effort by his administration to buy off political challengers to the president’s favored candidates with promises of jobs. Then promises of being a post-partisan president, he has tussled with Republicans and this week raised the rhetoric higher on healthcare and the economy, blaming them for trying to undermine his agenda despite having majorities in both the House and Senate. Some say it’s the same with former Pres. Bush. Now every president shoved into a controversy, some accuse Obama of considering using executive privilege to protect the writings of his Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. And last comparison, Obama has appeared out of touch with the Gulf oil spill.


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