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Obama has a strong position to be re-elected?

Is Obama still strong and heading into 2012 election? Obama is trying to sort out a host of very tough issues, including budget priorities, the debt ceiling, entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. But Obama hasn’t emerged as the kind of daring and charismatic leader that many voters expected when they elected him in 2008.

Despite the obstacles ahead, Obama is still in a relatively strong position to be re-elected. The field of potential Republican challengers is considered lackluster. And many voters have concluded that the country’s problems are so severe that America can’t afford a failed presidency, so they are rooting for Obama to succeed, according to pollsters of both major parties.

The latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll finds that the country is almost evenly split on his presidency, with 50 percent disapproving his job performance and 48 percent approving.

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