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Obama gains lead over Romney

After their back-to-back nominating conventions, President Barack Obama increased his lead over Republican opponent Mitt Romney. This was according to the results of a CNN/ORC opinion poll on Monday which gave Obama a 6-point lead among likely voters, up from a tie before the Democratic convention.

With just eight weeks remaining before the election, the president has gained points in eight of the top nine battleground states.  However, Mitt Romney is still within striking distance and can still make a difference come election day.

The two frontrunners in the presidential race were in equal footing before the conventions.  If Romney make use of the remaining three presidential debates and vice presidential debate in October properly, observers believe the race would be right back to even.

The news of Obama’s lead was downplayed by Romney’s camp, describing it as “a sugar high” and predicting “economic realities would bring the race back to the tight margins that have characterized it for months.”

But the CNN poll also found that the number of likely voters who viewed Romney favorably dropped from 50 percent before the two conventions to 48 percent. On the other hand, the number who viewed Obama favorably rose from 52 percent before the conventions to 57 percent.

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