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Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer in 2016

There’s lots of buzz that Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer would be a natural presidential candidate in 2016.

On Obama’s policies in Afghanistan, where a helicopter was shot down over the weekend, killing 30 American special forces, he told our Suzi Parker that it’s time to get out. “You can’t find anyone in D.C. that can answer why we are there,” he said. The governor said that he echoes the sentiment of a 114-year-old Montana man he has become friends with who says, “They [Afghanistan] got nothing. No oil, no gold.”

He also criticized the administration’s Iran policies. “We have committed a vacuum for Iran to cause mischief.”

A Western leader in the Democratic Party, Schweitzer also blasted away at the Tea Party. He said congressional leaders acted like school children in the recent debt ceiling drama. “It’s like this. There’s a third grade teacher. There’s eight new kids and they bring in 20 more. They all announce they aren’t going to lunch. They stomp their feet and hold their breath. But they’ve been having lunch forever. In the end, what happens? They go to lunch. We knew how this was going to end.”

Schweitzer has been in demand since he spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2008. And he’s already hit popular primary spots like New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida.

And asked about 2016? “I’m a little-known governor of small rural state and I don’t about any of that business.”


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