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Former U.S. President Bill Clinton tried to lift Democrat contender Kendrick Meek

With many ordinary Americans still feeling the pain of the economic recession in their daily lives, President Barack Obama and the Democrats face the prospect of big losses in the upcoming November 2 mid-term congressional elections. “We tested these ideas, ours (Democratic) and theirs (Republican). Ours worked better,” Clinton said at a campaign rally for Meek at the St. Petersburg campus of the University of South Florida.

Obama’s recovery program needed more time to take effect after he inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of 1929, Clinton added. “It was a deep hole,” he said, saying the $787 billion stimulus package Obama pushed through last year to kick-start the economy had created more jobs than experts said it would. “How are we doing? The U.S. has recovered 70 percent of its lost income, we’re beating our competition,” he said. The former president said Republican policies would only lower income tax rates for the very wealthy and would cut federal budgets aimed at boosting technology and education, which he said would help the economy and create jobs.

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