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Foreign funds in elections questioned?

A key liberal group and Vice President Biden renewed unsubstantiated charges Monday that foreign money is bankrolling political activity to support Republicans in the crucial midterm elections. Political Action released a new ad attacking Illinois Republican Senate nominee Mark Kirk for his ties to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and claiming it receives funds from Chinese and Russian companies that “threaten American jobs.”

Biden, meanwhile, repeated an assertion first made by President Obama that some of the vast sums flowing to independent groups for ads might come from “foreign sources.” Neither offered proof that foreign money is paying for ads. The chamber, which has pledged to pump $75 million into the congressional elections, adamantly denies it has used any dues from foreign affiliates for politics. Bruce Josten, the chamber’s top lobbyist, called the charges an attempt to “demonize specific groups” and “distract Americans from a failed economic agenda.” It is illegal for foreign companies to contribute directly to American political campaigns.

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