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Congress: Clear to us Obama’s Libya Policy

When Obama spoke alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron during his visit to Europe, clearly called for Qadhafi to hand over his power for the safety of his own people. “We are working together in Libya, alongside with our NATO allies and partners, to protect the Libyan people. And we will continue those operations until Qadhafi’s attacks on civilians cease,” he said at a press conference with Cameron. Later he added, “Time is working against Qadhafi and he must step down from power and leave Libya to the Libyan people.


At that time when Obama speaks on behalf of America abroad, members of Congress back in Washington are feeling a bit left out of the process, claiming that the president hasn’t been clear with lawmakers about his intent in Libya. Ohio Republican Rep. Steve Chabot, chairman of the subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, says that so far, the president has offered “no plans, no timelines, and no contingencies” to explain his leadership so far in the conflict. “We need serious answers, and we need them now,” Chabot said.

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