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Clinton on Obama’s 2012 election

 Former president Bill Clinton says Democratic successor Barack Obama will win re-election next year.

But Clinton has things to say to other candidates. Over the weekend at the Aspen Ideas Festival, “I’m always reluctant to say the strongest candidates, because I’m afraid I’ll kill ’em, and I don’t have the right to do that. But, you know, I like the governors. I like Huntsman and Romney.”

Romney’s a much better candidate than he was last time, because he’s not apologizing for signing the health care bill. He’s got another creative way of saying we oughta repeal Obamacare, but that’s probably the price of getting the nomination.”

Huntsman hasn’t said what he’s for yet, but I just kinda like him. He looks authentic — he looks like a real guy — I mean, a real human being. I like his family, I like his kind of iconoclastic way. And he was a pretty good governor. And he wasn’t a right-wing ideologue.”

On Obama, Clinton said a month ago, “I think, first of all, he can talk about what he did do. He took steps which avoided a depression. He saved the automobile industry — by not just bailing them out, but by requiring a serious restructuring.

I also think he’s done a good job in trying to harmonize America’s differences, trying to widen the circle of opportunity. I think he’s got a good record on gay rights. I think he’s got a good record on trying to promote diversity in a positive way.

I think that he’s gonna have a lot to say about America’s role in the world. He’s been very tough in fighting terrorists. Long before Mr.  bin Laden was dispatched, we had redeployed and had more drone attacks on terrorists, where they were really a problem for us — the Pakistan-Afghanistan almost borderless region, and in Iraq. So I think he’ll have a good record on national security.”

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