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Alaska voters negative about Palin

The poll, which came out Thursday, was taken in mid-June about a week after the state of Alaska released Palin’s e-mails that added more details about how she governed as well as how she dealt with friends and enemies.

Voters who know Sarah Palin have negative views. The poll by Ivan Moore Research finds 49% of registered Alaska voters have a “somewhat” or “very” negative view of Palin, compared with 39% with a positive opinion.

When asked why they have a negative view of Palin, Moore said he found respondents often cited Palin’s decision to leave the governor’s job 18 months before her term was to end. That reason was cited by 22% of those who viewed her negatively, while 11% said she lacked knowledge or intellectual depth.

According to his polls, Moore says only 16% have a “very positive” view of Palin, the lowest its been since last March. Moore surveyed 647 registered voters.

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