Monthly Archives: July 2011

Obama losing sleep due to debt deal


President Barack Obama is deeply involved in trying to win a debt deal and his White House was working flat out. Obama aide Valerie Jarrett told Reuters Insider, “He’s getting absolutely no sleep. He’s working tirelessly, meeting with his economic team, doing a lot of outreach, exploring all kinds of possibilities for compromise.”

Boehner debt-limit plan

The White House is in recess and has delayed a vote on Speaker John Boehner’s plan to raise the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, as the GOP leadership struggles to get votes for passage.

Cain apologizes with Muslim leaders


The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and Republican Herman Cain is apologizing to Muslim leaders for his remarks about Islam while campaigning for the presidential nomination. Last Wednesday, Cain met with four Muslim leaders in Sterling, Va. In a statement, he was “truly sorry” for comments that may have “betrayed” his commitment to the Constitution and…

Stocks went down due to Debt Ceiling


U.S. stocks retreated Tuesday due to the outlook for corporate earnings and ongoing worries over the U.S. debt ceiling shook investor confidence. Investors have been torn between two forces: Second-quarter corporate results that have been generally positive and Concerns tied to the continuing battle over the United States’ debt ceiling. Of the S&P 500 companies…

Congress liking Twitter & Facebook!


Congress apparently likes to tweet and friend on Facebook. A a majority of staffers on Capitol Hill say social media are an important way to communicate with constituents. Bradford Fitch, president and CEO of Congressional Management Foundation, says social media tools have been adopted more quickly by members of Congress and their staffs than e-mail…

Rep. David Wu to resign!

Rep. David Wu, Oregon Democrat facing an ethics investigation for allegedly having an unwanted sexual encounter with a young woman. Wu, the first Chinese-American member of Congress did not deny he had an encounter with the young woman, conceded he exercised poor judgment.

Leon Panetta: No “blank check” for defense spending


Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told an audience at his formal swearing-in ceremony “we do not have a blank check from the American people” in dealing with the challenges. “I really believe that we do not have to make a choice between fiscal discipline and national security. By setting priorities based on sound strategy, based on…

Hillary Clinton on condemns terrorism no matter where.


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the United States strongly condemns terrorism no matter who perpetuates it or where it comes from. Clinton points out that Norway is well-known for conflict resolution and bringing people together. The explosion and shootings in Norway so far have claimed more than 90 lives. Speaking in Bali…

Gov. Perry on Gay Marriage…


Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he supports state rights so much that he’s fine with New York’s approval of gay marriage but still called himself an “unapologetic social conservative.” “Our friends in New York six weeks ago passed a statute that said marriage can be between two people of the same sex. And you know…