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Obama urges immigration reform


  President Obama went to the Texas-Mexico border and discussed his version of “comprehensive immigration reform.” Speaking in El Paso, Obama again argued that ongoing improvements to tighten the border should be accompanied by a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million or so illegal immigrants in the USA.

President Obama announces Osama bin Laden’s death from the White House President Barack Obama announced on national television on Sunday night that Osama bin Laden, the world’s most sought-after terrorist, had been killed by US operatives in Pakistan.  The president, in an address to the nation, said that the Al-Qaida mastermind was killed in a “targeted operation” in Abbottabad, a highland town north of Islamabad.…

White House releases Obama birth certificate

obama brith certificate

The White House released on Wednesday morning President Obama’s long form birth certificate to, once and for all, put an end to “birther” questions. In a statement released by Dan Pfeiffer, White House Communications Director, the brouhaha over the president’s birth certificate was not good for the country as it distracts from more pressing issues…

Obama has a strong position to be re-elected?


Is Obama still strong and heading into 2012 election? Obama is trying to sort out a host of very tough issues, including budget priorities, the debt ceiling, entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. But Obama hasn’t emerged as the kind of daring and charismatic…

Obama wants to cut U.S. oil imports


President Barack Obama on Wednesday proposed to cut U.S. oil imports by a third over 10 years. In a speech that was short on details on how to curb U.S. energy demand, Obama did not pretend there were speedy measures to curb mounting fuel costs, which could threaten the country’s economic recovery by weighing on…

Obama Signs Bill Funding Government good for three weeks!


President Barack Obama has signed a second short-term spending bill to keep the government running till April 8. This will give lawmakers more time to agree on a package of spending cuts Republicans are demanding. Obama signed the bill Friday at the White House before he heads out on a five-day tour of Latin America.

Obama restarts Guantanamo trials President Barack Obama lifted a two-year freeze on new military trials at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Obama suspended new trials at the Guantanamo tribunals, which had been heavily criticized as unfair, when he announced his review of detainee policy in early 2009 and vowed just after becoming president that he would close the camp.

Oscar nominees gather cash for Democrats!


From the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics have tabulated their second annual Money-in-Politics Oscars, based on the campaign donations made by this year’s major Academy Award nominees. It should come as no surprise that 99% of the political donations from the movie nominees went to Democrats. But do you know that best actress nominee Annette…